Q12 is a Guide to Self-Initiated, Self-Managed Change in Individuals, Teams and Organisations

In the world of psychological instruments there are dozens of choices available, so you can see your personality reflected from many and varied views. But until now, no instrument was designed to focus directly on the process of personal growth and development.

We know that human beings are not static, as many instruments assume, but have an innate desire to constantly grow and evolve.  Based on our original work in personal development, that has now touched more than a million people globally, we offer Q12 – an instrument designed for self-initiated, self-managed change to help you grow to become the person who, in your ‘heart of hearts’ you want to be. 

Q12 helps you…

  • To gain much deeper and more accurate self awareness – including insight into your natural strengths (which may be hidden) – and any current personal limitations you may wish to overcome.
  • To acquire specific tools for learning to think and act more effectively in any relationship or life situation.
  • To grow personally, enabling you to achieve greater success – but equally to experience greater fulfilment and happiness.
  • To gain much deeper insight into, and empathy for other people – helping you to create better personal and professional relationships.

Through the Q12 profiling system we learn the key aspects of our inner selves, that help us to overcome our Achilles Heels and achieve greater self mastery.

If you are a mentor, a coach or therapist, Q12 will help you provide greater value to your clients – from extended coaching involvement to a holistic approach to life and living, Q12 maps the territory and tracks the journey.

If you would like to know the full story of how Q12 works in facilitating people's personal and professional development, we recommend Walter Bellin's new book “Climb a Different Ladder”... The book provides stories of how people have used the deeper self awareness provided by the Q12, to become successful leaders and achieve greater fulfilment in their lives.




Climb a Different Ladder shows us a different way to succeed, by mastering the self and developing our true potential.


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